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CFB Strategies streamlines NPO's operations with Salesforce

Background: WL4A is a large NPO with nationwide chapters. They have been utilizing the Salesforce Nonprofit Starter Pack (NPSP) for the last 6 years. Their leadership team recently changed over and the new team is not familiar with how the previous administration utilized Salesforce. WL4A has new goals and the team would like to analyze their existing Salesforce org and make improvements to meet their current and future work demands.

Issue: The new leadership and vision for WL4A is a great thing, but they have no idea where to start with Salesforce and their current setup does not work for their operational needs. In addition, they are using a different CRM for their marketing efforts which does not satisfy all of their requirements. WL4A has immediate needs for the marketing and membership side of its organization, as well as the finance division, where they pay too much in transaction fees.

WL4A’s wish list includes:

1. Analyze, organize and load their data into Salesforce

2. Integrate a new online processor

3. Integrate an affordable email service provider (ESP)

4. Sync their membership interactions & activities across the country to their Salesforce org

5. Sync the responses to online surveys they send out to their Salesforce org

Solution: Through collaboration with WL4A we held extensive discovery to examine their existing Salesforce environment. During this process we built a working repore with their team and learned exactly what they envisioned for the future. We were able to build new roles and hierarchies for their employees and also reorganized their data to take advantage of household accounts with multiple related lists. As a result, they can now view members in a centralized manner while streamlining interactions with chapters around the country. The first integration we deployed was EMMA, an affordable ESP that now handles their membership and marketing communications. Next, we integrated Click-n-Pledge, an online processor for receiving donations that saved them close to 4% per transaction. The final phase of development allowed us to automate their events in Salesforce using Eventbrite and capture their survey responses through an integration with Survey Monkey. Even though the team at WL4A did not have much experience with Salesforce, they were able to realize their vision through collaboration with our architects, project managers and developers.

Result: WL4A now operates more efficiently and their centralization of operations with Salesforce has driven higher fundraising numbers and membership engagement. They have better organizational grasp on their chapters around the country and are raising more money b/c their marketing and fundraising efforts are aligned and accountable.

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