• Trace Anderson

NPO Raises $130M using Salesforce

Background: Large NPO planned an ambitious 18 month capital campaign with a goal of raising $100M. The team utilized a Salesforce org for their fundraising activities which had traditionally been focused on large donors. The NPO wanted to branch out to other types of fundraising, including, but not limited to the following: donations through website, email marketing, direct mail, sms fundraising, telephone solicitation and online ads driving to landing pages. In addition, NPO wanted to build a peer-to-peer fundraising program for VIP donors that pledge to raise on behalf of NPO at the following levels: $50K, $100K, $250K, $500K. The VIP donors required their own web page and portal where they could manage their contacts and see their progression. All of these components required architecture and integration with the NPO’s Salesforce org.

Issue: Accurately measuring each dollar that NPO raised based on the solicitation type. In this instance, solicitation type included the following categories:


Email Solicitations

SMS Solicitations

Direct Mail Solicitations

Online Ads

VIP Donors

In-house Fundraising Team

Corporate Contributions

Telephone Solicitations

Executive Director 1 on 1 with potential donors

Solution: The biggest hurdle this build out presented was integrating all of the different income streams into the NPO’s Salesforce org. Almost every one of these income streams was using a different vendor to raise the money. Each one of these vendors used a different process and posted the data in a different manner. We first established a data standard that each vendor had to comply with in order to work on behalf of NPO’s capital campaign. We then built a staging table for each vendor to post their data to each day that would then flow to the NPO’s Salesforce Org. Each income stream was captured on a master level by its own campaign type and then each individual fundraising campaign rolled up to its parent campaign type. In turn, NPO was able to monitor all levels of its capital campaign on a daily basis and see which income streams were performing the best. As a result, high performers saw more resources poured into their efforts. The capital campaign executive committee was able to achieve a high ROI and always have metrics to prove it.

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