• Trace Anderson

Safely Getting Back to Work with Salesforce

As economies around the world navigate the challenges of getting their people back to work and bringing business back up to scale, I've spent a lot of time thinking about how we could practically use our Salesforce expertise to give businesses of all sizes a safe and smart pathway to reopening. For any business or organization, having a plan and executing it safely and judiciously will be paramount for both short and long term success. We may not know what that looks like yet and it will definitely vary by country, state, locality and business need.

However, we do know that challenges facing governments and organizations of all shapes and sizes will include the following (to name a few):

  • Securely monitoring the health of all employees while safeguarding their privacy and staying in compliance with all laws and regulations

  • Deploying a simple and effective solution for employees to input data that is secure and scales quickly

  • Intuitive mobile capabilities with rapid deployment

  • Easy access to reports, dashboards and visualizations for KPI’s

  • Ability to escalate employee health concerns quickly and efficiently to the proper resource within the organization

  • Streamlined communication through the organization’s internal chain of command. This could be very simple or extremely complex, but flexibility and practicality will be enormously important

  • Giving employees confidence that their employer takes their health seriously and is doing everything they can to address their near and long term concerns

Like most of you, I have been self isolating with my family for the past 6 weeks. During this time, the pervading feeling I’ve experienced is that we are all in this together. Yes, we have differing philosophies, politics, cultures and experiences, but that makes no difference to the virus. What does make a difference is the power of people and the extraordinary force of human ingenuity to take on these challenges. I don’t know what the future looks like, but I do know there will be a new normal and workplace safety will be at the heart of it.

With this in mind, privacy must be at the center of any pathway back to a vibrant economy and privacy does not look the same to everyone, nor should it. Protecting our constitutional rights while also jumping headfirst into a more technological world will be extremely difficult, but I am confident that through collaboration, creativity and common sense, we will beat this virus and come out stronger on the other side.

With this in mind, we are announcing today our plan to work with businesses of any size to deliver a Salesforce application (unique to their individual business) that will safely help them manage and navigate their back to work strategy. This includes the near term hurdles of getting back to work and the long term adaptability to sustain the challenges of the future. Fortunately, Salesforce is flexible and can adapt to the unique circumstances of each business. At CFB Strategies, our core application, built on Salesforce, is designed to meet this challenge and can be turned around very quickly (usually within 48 hrs).

As a pricing reference, for all businesses with 1 to 5 employees, our base solution will cost $55/month. 5 to 10 employees will cost $90/month. There is a gradual pricing structure based on the number of employees.

For businesses with existing Salesforce solutions, our OEM package will install inside your Salesforce org and work with Sales or Service cloud. Please inquire at https://www.cfbstrategies.com/ to receive a quote and begin addressing your post Covid-19 workplace needs.

We look forward to getting back to work with all of you as soon as possible.

Trace Anderson ~ Co-Founder and President, CFB Strategies LLC

As part of our effort to help Americans and people around the world get back to work, we will donate 20% of net profits from any Covid-19 workplace project we build or install on the Salesforce platform. Proceeds will benefit an approved Covid-19 recovery research project of client’s choice, the ALS Foundation with a focus on research and the David B. Vaillancourt memorial scholarship fund.

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