• Trace Anderson

Salesforce Data Migration & Deduplication

Background: Enterprise digital marketing firm, Digital X, had compiled upwards of 80M rows of data as their business grew each year over the past decade. The firm was having issues organizing its own data in a matter that was not only useful for the present, but flexible enough to meet future demands and long term goals. Digital X uses the Salesforce marketing cloud for many of the services they provide their clients. Digital X would like to utilize the wealth of data they have acquired over the years and integrate it with their own instance of marketing cloud.. There is so much data..Digital X is not sure where to start

Issue: Digital X had upwards of 80M rows of data, many of them duplicates. It was important for Digital X to preserve the relevant information from each transaction (i.e., the marketing campaign the person responded to) while also relating this information back to one contact record. Many of the contacts in Digital X’s records had given to multiple crossover campaigns for different clients that Digital X was working for; therefore, millions of duplicate contacts existed with varying levels of transactional data. In addition, Digital X had used more than a dozen online processors over the life cycle of its business and each processor had a different format and layout. Digital X sought to streamline and deduplicate its data with the ultimate goal of syncing it to marketing cloud.

Solution: The first order of business was to standardize the data and deduplicate the millions and millions of rows to present a “clean” file. We standardized the format for Digital X’s data and built a custom Salesforce org complete with multiple staging tables, user roles and custom visualforce pages. We utilized standard Objects and custom objects along with multiple levels of hierarchy and apex triggers. We built over 30 templates for custom reports and dashboards that Digital X could easily replicate for its new clients. The final product resulted in a multi-tenant org with extremely complex data rules that connected to Marketing Cloud through Salesforce Connect. The complexity takes place in the background. From the user’s perspective, the process is simplified and easy to use.

Result: Digital X is thriving and growing rapidly. They have benefited immensely from streamlining their data and now have the ability to see a single view of each contact record and the marketing campaigns related to that contact. Digital X is taking the next step and has begun to install machine learning and AI into their processes with Salesforce Einstein analytics. They are continuing to evolve and their business is growing because of the data driven insights they are now realizing.

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